Security Services


I.T. Security aims to protect information from theft, misuse, unauthorized access, and modification typically found on computers, networks, and data as a whole. I.T. security is a broad term, and it includes steps that also protect your data across the internet.
Allow Ironside Security to conduct a proper risk assessment of your company. Our systematic review process will exploit security weaknesses within your company/system. We will expose and announce systems that may be susceptible to any known vulnerabilities, assign severity levels to those vulnerabilities, and recommend remediation or mitigation, if and whenever needed.
Our TSCM unit is aimed at sweeping rooms for listening devices. This is done by utilizing technology that can detect the emission of radio waves within rooms that may not be visible or in plain site. More over, we can detect non-radio emissions. TSCM has evolved far past just searching for listening devices. It encompasses securing communications technology, thoroughly inspecting and fortifying information technology, and ensuring that there is a heightened protocol of physical security to prevent future espionage within your workplace.
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