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Ironside is a private intelligence and security organization, based out of Long Island, NY, dedicated to aiding, securing, and defending all in both cybersecurity and tangible mischief alike. Our security packages cater to many such as Law Enforcement, government organizations, businesses, and individuals.
We are a culmination of US Special Operations and Law Enforcement Veterans, Cybersecurity Experts, First Responders, Executive Protection/secuirty personnel that bring over 200 years of experience, with backgrounds from US Army Special Forces and Special Operations intelligence, US Navy SEALs, US Marine Corps Force Recon, the New York Police Department, and the Port Authority Police Department to name a few.

What We Do

As a society that is constantly evolving and changing, it is crucial that our security measures are constantly being evaluated and reimagine. Since the inception of the Internet we’ve seen an unprecedented explosion in technology. Understanding these technologies is crucial now more than ever. With these innovations comes extreme risks to ones security. Utilizing our full array of services and resouces, Ironside aims to provide a new level and layer of security to both individuals and businesses alike.

Security is an immensely growing issue and has sparked unheard-of levels of criminal activity that endangers our nations. Our process is designed to maximize the power of justice to curb these breaches of ones livelihood. We work alongside Law Enforcement to seek these networks out and defend the people. We believe that there can never be enough people working together to combat this issue. Ironside brings all of your sought after resources to one place.

Justin Yodice

Founder & CEO of Ironside | Co-Founder & CFO of 501(C)(3) Nonprofit Atlantic Counter Trafficking

Justin founded Ironside in January of 2021. After spending much of his time with the Counter Human Trafficking nonprofit he helped Co-Found, Atlantic Counter Trafficking (ACT), he immediately learned of the horrors that can be brought on with lack of security. Whether it was in person or over the internet, change and innovation was needed. When he heard about the opportunity to influence positive change in his community, he immediately took initiative, and formed Ironside. Justin is a results oriented professional with a major passion for helping those who have become victimized. He is a highly-motivated leader who implements the needed qualities to run the task at hand with maximum efficiency. Justin exhibits goodwill, diplomacy and the ability to get along with others at the highest capacity. With an extensive background in Finance, Justin can be found overseeing ACT’s finances as not only a Co-Founder but ACT’s CFO as well. Having been a small business owner for over 10 years, Justin brings an immense amount of experience to Ironsides team across the board.

To learn more about Justin’s Nonprofit please visit:

In Justin’s free time, he serves his community as an Emergency Medical Technician. He has served the Commack Volunteer Ambulance Corps for over 5 years. To further his impact in his community, Justin coaches wrestling for the Commack Union Free School District. With over 7 years coaching the youth, Justin emphasizes building an appreciation for the sport and uses it to instill maturity and mental tenacity. Justin is also a mixed martial artist and an active competitor. He can also be found instructing at Trigon Academy in his free time. Justin attended Baruch College in 2017 for a degree in Finance. Currently, Justin is continuing his education at SUNY Farmingdale.



Want to join us? We are constantly striving to push boundaries and drive our organization forward. We thrive in a culture of restlessness and innovation, which is why we are always on the lookout for talented and inspired people to join the team – people who share our vision, who can make a difference and who want to be part of something big.
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