Security Services


  • Executive and Personal Protection
    • Our executive bodyguards & security personal are handpicked for each of your individual needs and assignments. All of our personal come from unique and sought after industry’s and qualifications. Our guards range from military (including Special Forces), exceptionally trained and distinguished law enforcement officials and medical personnel.
  • Secure Transportation
    • Ironside Security provides professionally trained driver services, that aim to exceed expectations. All guards are extensively trained in evasive driving techniques to ensure your upmost protection while in transit. Our executive protection unit is ready to serve any of your transportation needs allowing you to maintain your lifestyle, whether that’s in a work environment or out.
  • Armed and Unarmed Guards
    • Ironside Security armed and unarmed guards are right for specific situations, contingent on what you are looking to protect and the kind of security presence you want to present. Armed guards make for a more secure/safe presence at your event. Their uniformed appearance can immediately discourage the thought of any criminal or life-threatening acts. Armed guards are also more experienced in risky situations and have the proper authority and knowledge when they need to resort to forceful measures. They’re fully trained in how and when to deploy firearms and supply the deepest level of security in high-profile public events or VIP transport. Our unarmed guards serve, similarly to armed guards, as a deterrent for criminal mischief. Any kind of security detail is enough to deter unwanted activity, and unarmed security offers that level of protection without the unnecessary risk of liability, intimidation, or personal injury. It’s easier to approach an unarmed guard in a situation with reduced risk, as they can appear friendlier and more open to offering assistance. Unarmed guards are often all the protection one may need against non-threatening activities like shoplifting, vandalism, loitering, or trespassing in places like retail outlets or residential complexes.
  • Security for Special Events and Major Entertainment Venues
    • Look to Ironside Security for assistance on advance planning, threat assessment, issue prevention, event crowd control, and crisis response. Our advisory team and leaders will streamline and plan the most effortless processes and plans fitting your events needs. This is done while working closely with the client assure we are meeting their needs and expectations. Our personnel are exceptionally trained, polite and professional, all while assuring the safety of all the event goers.
  • Security Vulnerability Analysis/Risk Assessments
    • Allow Ironside Security to conduct a proper risk assessment of your company. Our systematic review process will exploit security weaknesses within your company/system. We will expose and announce systems that may be susceptible to any known vulnerabilities, assigns severity levels to those vulnerabilities, and recommends remediation or mitigation, if and whenever needed.
  • Technical Countermeasures
    • Our TSCM unit is aimed at sweeping rooms for listening devices. This is done by utilizing technology that can detect the emission of radio waves within rooms that may not be visible or in plain site. More over, we can detect non-radio emissions. TSCM has evolved far past just searching for listening devices. It encompasses securing communications technology, thoroughly inspecting and fortifying information technology, and ensuring that there is a heightened protocol of physical security to prevent future espionage within your workplace.
  • I.T. Security
    • I.T. Security aims to protect information from theft, misuse, unauthorized access, and modification typically found on computers, networks, and data as a whole. I.T. security is a broad term, and it includes steps that also protect your data across the internet.


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